How to install Logic 9 and Final Cut Pro 7 on OSX Lion

With a clean install of Lion on your new Mac it is now almost impossible to use your original install disks to do a clean install of Logic 9 and FCP7.  Below I have some of the work arounds that will allow you to overcome this very frustrating process. Although not being a complete install of every disk, at least you can get the applications working.

For Apple FCP7 and DVD Studio use the following terminal commands:

sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio\ Install/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg -target /

DVD studio Pro/ Compressor etc
sudo installer -package /Volumes/DVD\ Studio\ Pro\ Content/Installer/DVDStudioProContent.mpkg -target /

For Logic 9, download the update from:

This will install the Logic Application. You do not need a previous version of the software as it installs a fresh new one.

With all of the application you will then enter your details and serial numbers on the first launch of the applications. I hope I have saved you some time! The downside of these methods is that I could not get the media disks to install properly. I tried disc images and hard drive installs but with no luck. You may be best to get the content from a friends hard drive and just re-target it after copying.