Need to scroll down the page quickly?

This may seem obvious, however I figured it may be worth posting just to remind people on how to quickly scroll down through your edit page quickly... especially when you get to over 80 tracks or so...

One option is to simply use the "Page Up" and "Page Down" buttons, however another way is to use "Option" + "Command" + "F". This allows you to enter the track number and thus quickly go straight to the desired track. - This saves a lot of mouse scrolling!!!

If you want to advance along the timeline one screen at a time you can also use "Option" + "Page Up/ Down"


Quick Surround Navigation on Pro Tools

If you quickly need to adjust you trims on your surround parameters:
1) Bring up the surround mixer for your track
2) "Control" + "command" click on the position dials


Free reliable FTP software

If you are after a free simple to use FTP program on the Mac - have a look at Cyberduck. I have been using this program for about 3 years now, and rely on it for work. So far it has been 100% reliable. Another aspect of Cyberduck that I like is the fact that it has a very user friendly GUI - so it is not confronting for people new to FTP software.


Have these tips delivered to your email program whenever there is an update

If you would like to have these tips delivered to you automatically when they are updated - simply subscribe to the RSS feed.

my feed URL is:


In mail, simply to the "+" sign on th ebottom LHS, and create a new RSS feed and paste this in the URL field.

A quick way to add tracks of various types...

To create a new track the keyboard command is "shift" + "command" +"N". when the new track window appears, simply press these buttons again and you will get 2 options, once again and three options etc etc...

Colored Tracks in PT 7.3 and above

DigiNews Tips & Tricks: September 2007
By David Gould and Steven Webb

Pro Tools 7.3 for HD, LE and M-Powered systems has a handy hidden feature that isn’t documented anywhere! Make it easier to manage your sessions and grouping tasks by coloring tracks and channels. Here’s how:
Open the color palette by double-clicking any track's colour label or by opening from the window menu

For Mac OSX hold the following keys: Command+Control+Option

For Windows hold the following keys: Control+Start+Alt

Now using the mouse, click, hold and drag in the color palette (Dragging up will make the tracks go darker in relation to the existing track color, dragging down will make the tracks go lighter in relation to the existing track color)

What is the "blue tick" in the digibase?

With the new "elastic time" feature in Pro Tools 7.4 some parts of the digibase have changed. The most obvious now being a blue tick in the workspace which appears next to some files in the "find" column. This tick represents that the file has been analysed be elastic time, and that a beat has been detected in the file.


Digidesign Transfuser

Digidesign is giving a 3 month free trial of their newest plug-in Transfuser


Automator - the simple way to make repeated tasks only a 1 click step.

I have been using Automator since it's introduction with OSX 10.4. In my day to day work I particularly like it's use in automated back ups. I am able to synchronise any 2 folders, with only changes taking place on the destination folder.
Some other every day uses I have are:
- Batch File renaming
- Creating automated Zip files
- Batch conversions of Quicktimes
- iCal triggered events