Track Magnification using scroll wheel

If you are using a mouse or trackball with a scroll wheel, you can make the waveform display in your tracks zoom in or out by pressing " Shift" + "Option" and rotating your scroll wheel.

Also if you want to scroll along the timeline, hold down shift whilst using your scroll wheel.


Waves 6.0.1 update

Waves has release 6.0.1 with the introduction of a free plugin to those who are covered by the WUP on either the Gold, Broadcast + Production, Platinum, Diamond and Mercury bundles.
The new plug being the MV2 Volume Maximizer.

Apart from upgrading the Waves bundle software, you will also need to reauthorize your iLok for the v6.0.1 update and for MV2 to take effect. Authorization is not an instant process! You need to go to Waves, click the update link in your user account, and enter your iLok details. Eventually a license will appear in your iLok account for you to download. In doing so, this process will remove the v6.0 Waves license and replace it with the new v6.0.1. Since my 6.0.1 license is yet to appear in my iLok account I am unable to tell if this v6.0.1 will be backward compatible with Waves v6.0 software.


The v6.0.1 ilok asset is backward compatible with Waves v6.0 plugins


ReBirth may be gone on OS X but this will make you smile even more!!!

Owning some of the old analogue legends of Roland may be a dream or distant memory to some of us. Currently I am in the process of building a clone TB-303 since I sold my original a few years back. Propellerhead ReBirth gave us hours of entertainment when available on Mac OS9, however since OS X this software has not been upgraded. Instead you can download free refills for Reason - providing it is the full version and not "adapted". Today though I came across a website which blew me away. Not only does it contain an impressive arsenal of the vintage roland legends, it has been scripted in flash! Meaning that it will run on almost all computers, and is only limited to the web browser/ internet connection. It is extremely interactive- with you being able to patch into a virtual mixer, as well as program patterns and adjust parameters on the fly. This thing ROCKS!!!
Have a play on the Hobnox - Audiotool Demo


iTunes 8 Big Brother "Genius" -

Today saw the release of some new music related products from Apple. These releases include new revised iPods as well as the release of iTunes 8. iTunes 8 introduces a new feature named "Genius", which can analyze your music playlists and give you recommendations for other music which may compliment your musical tastes. For this to work though, you need to agree that "Genius" will be sending your iTunes information to Apple, and the Apple Store in turn will send you new music recommendations. Unfortunately this "Genius" feature does not work as a stand alone feature on a host computer using your own music library as a resource pool. I for one am not a fan of Apple knowing my musical tastes and having them make music recommendations for me in the hope that I will purchase music from their iTunes Store. As a result I will be using my iTunes with "Genius" disabled.