Pro Tools Elastic Time

How good is elastic time?
Wow! This is an awesome new feature of ProTools 7.4 which allows audio tempo changes on the fly.
It is now so easy to create perfectly timed remix - as loop tempos can now follow your session midi tempo map. I have been accumulating many loops over the years I and I am amazed at how easily and quickly I could assemble the rhythm section to a song. One of the best features is the fact that you can also now preview your loops in the workspace at the new tempo of your track. Previously I used to time compress/ expand my loops - but now this has eliminated that step.
I also have been working on some Heavy Metal music which I have been remixing to Industrial- a big problem I was having was having to time stretch every couple of bars. NOw all I need to do is tempo map the track and all loops or additional sound s will instantly be in time. Amazing!!!

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