Colored Tracks in PT 7.3 and above

DigiNews Tips & Tricks: September 2007
By David Gould and Steven Webb

Pro Tools 7.3 for HD, LE and M-Powered systems has a handy hidden feature that isn’t documented anywhere! Make it easier to manage your sessions and grouping tasks by coloring tracks and channels. Here’s how:
Open the color palette by double-clicking any track's colour label or by opening from the window menu

For Mac OSX hold the following keys: Command+Control+Option

For Windows hold the following keys: Control+Start+Alt

Now using the mouse, click, hold and drag in the color palette (Dragging up will make the tracks go darker in relation to the existing track color, dragging down will make the tracks go lighter in relation to the existing track color)

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Sar and Sonal said...

Keep the tips coming Damo, we love them! You've officially made me into a sound dork.