My first convolution reverb recording...

A while ago I started experimenting with convolution reverbs. Convolution reverbs are reverbs which "sample" the reverb of a given space. This is amazing technology as you are able to sample any physical space or even any old outboard equipment and replicate the reverb characteristics within your audio software.

Owning several convolution reverb plug-ins, I wanted to experiment with recording my own spaces. My first recorded convolution was recorded using the Waves IR1. Starting with baby steps, my first recording was of course a bathroom. I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was, and how realistic it was!

From the photo you can see an omni direction mic set up at the far end of the bathroom, and a speaker on the left hand side. From my studio I generated a frequency sweep which played through the speaker - and was captured using this microphone and recorded in Pro Tools. This new file of the recorded sweep was then loaded and analysed by Waves IR1. Within a few seconds of analysing, IR1 created a new convolution pre-set of the bathroom! After running some dialogue through this setting I couldn't believe just how well IR1 cloned the bathroom reverb!

I can now see myself recording many, many rooms and old reverb units as this is simply amazing!

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