... And the results are in

Well the results have come in from our survey, with some interesting statistics. Just click the images to be taken to a size which is readable!

Thanks to all of you for filling this out- we had 37 people in total!

There are some interesting statistics in regards to how long people have been working in the industry for, the difference in pay rates, and how people feel they are valued by both producers and colleagues. It is encouraging that as a sound team, people feel supported by their colleagues.

Having a "creative" job also is beneficial as often this adds to other rewards within the job, not obtained by money or working long hours.... There is a saying, that if you love your job - you never have to work.

If anyone is after a good read to do with work/ life balance I can recommend James O'Loghlin's "How to Balance your Life". and no I don't have an invested interest in this book...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Damo. Interesting outcome...
We need more infrastructure and above all... respect.
Thanks to all Soundies responding.