Keep your web browsers in sync

Do you work on multiple computers?
Do you browse the web on a mobile device?
Would you like your bookmarks and web history to be in sync across all devices?

The impending release of Firefox will see the ability to have all of your Firefox browsers and mobile devices synced with Bookmarks, Passwords, History and Tabs. Although not yet released officially, you can already download the Firefox 4 beta version from here. Firefox Sync is the only service with end-to-end encyrption. Sync’s advanced security measures mean you’re never vulnerable to online bad guys or companies that will sell your information.

Although Firefox doesn't run native as an app on the iPhone, it syncs with the Firefox Home app, giving you access to the sync features on your desktop. Only having used this for a couple of days, I am liking the sync functions. Be warned however that if your current version of Firefox is running 3rd party add-ons, these may not yet be compatible with Firefox 4. Zotero for one is not compatible.

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