Adobe - Rubbadub

Having used many forms of audio editing software over the years I have been yet convinced that any of the Adobe software is comparable to other software such as Avid Pro Tools. I find that with any audio software made by "visual" software developers they miss the point with "creative flexibility" of there audio software. Sure you can record edit and mix, however I always feel constrained,  and all creativity is lost and it is purely "technical" software. For most video editors wanting to knock up a quick audio mix than this is fine, but for creative sound designers this is like working 15 years ago.

I am always open to new technology, and especially technology that is not only allows for creativity, but also technology that streamlines workflows. Adobe have just showcased a new piece of software which could redefine dialogue editing and ADR editing in particular.

Having used Vocalign for many years for various tasks including tightening lip sync and backing vocals on music tracks, I have found that I end up making as many edits either using vocalign or just using time stretch from Pro Tools. Adobe now have something that looks truly amazing, something  quite mind blowing indeed! Check out Rubbadub... you won't believe your eyes.

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