iTunes 8 Big Brother "Genius" -

Today saw the release of some new music related products from Apple. These releases include new revised iPods as well as the release of iTunes 8. iTunes 8 introduces a new feature named "Genius", which can analyze your music playlists and give you recommendations for other music which may compliment your musical tastes. For this to work though, you need to agree that "Genius" will be sending your iTunes information to Apple, and the Apple Store in turn will send you new music recommendations. Unfortunately this "Genius" feature does not work as a stand alone feature on a host computer using your own music library as a resource pool. I for one am not a fan of Apple knowing my musical tastes and having them make music recommendations for me in the hope that I will purchase music from their iTunes Store. As a result I will be using my iTunes with "Genius" disabled.


Julius said...

iTunes 8 requires Quickime 7.5.5 which won't necessarily be compatible with your version of Pro Tools

Damian said...

True- I am yet to install it on my Pro Tools system.

Julius said...

I'm being a bit of a PT Nazi...as always folks..
great blog damo!