ReBirth may be gone on OS X but this will make you smile even more!!!

Owning some of the old analogue legends of Roland may be a dream or distant memory to some of us. Currently I am in the process of building a clone TB-303 since I sold my original a few years back. Propellerhead ReBirth gave us hours of entertainment when available on Mac OS9, however since OS X this software has not been upgraded. Instead you can download free refills for Reason - providing it is the full version and not "adapted". Today though I came across a website which blew me away. Not only does it contain an impressive arsenal of the vintage roland legends, it has been scripted in flash! Meaning that it will run on almost all computers, and is only limited to the web browser/ internet connection. It is extremely interactive- with you being able to patch into a virtual mixer, as well as program patterns and adjust parameters on the fly. This thing ROCKS!!!
Have a play on the Hobnox - Audiotool Demo

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