Free file re-namer

I have been using a freeware (Donation to Unicef if you wish) file re-naming application since moving to OS X. R-Name is a very powerful utility which is very easy to use and saves you having to write an Automator script to do simple file/ folder renaming. This is invaluable for me as I do a lot of field recordings and sound effects creating which I need to keep very ordered. Where I use this the most, is adding "key" words to my file names as I use the ProTools digibase for most of my SFX searching. I can also rename an entire folder with an abbreviation of the job title and any other relevant information. You can also preview your name changes before committing to the renamed file - which is very handy!!!

Some features include:
- adding characters to the start or end of a file name
- sequential file naming
- find and replace
- removing characters from the start or end
- changing extensions
- changing the case of the letters

and my favorite...
- append names pre and post extension

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