The M-Audio Axiom

I have recently purchased the M-Audio Axiom USB controller keyboard. Out of the 3 models (25, 49 +61 keys) I purchased the 25 key version simply because I wanted a "small desktop" keyboard. Up until this time I had been using a full sized midi keyboard which I had on a stand. The fact that this Axiom fits next to my mixer on my desk is amazing!

Some other features of this keyboard:
- it is USB powered and doesn't need external power - even if running through a USB hub!
- 8 x drum pads
- 8 x fully customizable pots (which can be used for soft synths or anything really)
-Pitch bend and Modulation
- Transport controls (In ProTools goto "Peripherals" menu, "Machine Control", and enable the tick box "Midi machine control slave")

You can also download "Enigma" from the M-Audio website which allows you to create and save patches and settings using your computer.

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