Want to rename regions quickly?

If you are wishing to tidy up your edit window, especially if your session is being passed on to another person, one thing that can make a huge difference is region names. Often regions have long descriptive names especially after processing with plugins. When you are printing charts or just wanting to find a region quickly, you want your region named concisely and as short as possible. Now you can rename a region simply by double clicking on the region. This is fine if you are only renaming a couple of regions, however if you are wishing to rename multiple regions, especially if you have checker boarded perspective cuts, then there are a couple of options.

If you want to give all of your selected regions the same name you can simply go to the region list menu and choose "Auto Rename". this will allow you to give your regions the same name with increments. The second method is to select the regions you wish to give the same name and simple go to the region menu and select Rename. Then type in your new name, copy it and press enter. The next region name will then automatically be displayed for you to paste the clipboard name.

Of course you can use region groups to do the same thing, however if you are charting, region groups will only work on single tracks. If there is silence between 2 regions, this will be incorporated into the region group, so this may not be the best solution.

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Damian said...

If you have a mouse/ trackball which you can program; another handy tip is to have one of the buttons set up so that it "pastes" and presses "enter". This is very handy when you wish to rename many files with the exact same name. You only have to press one button!